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The Key, the Magical Star Talisman.

I am happy you made it to this wonderfully important page on the Elprehzleinn websites! This imagery below we call, "The Key" or "The Magical Star Talisman". There is an audio below the image on how to use it. Simply seeing it or printing it out, or putting a copy of it on your computer or device has power. However there is way to use it. Also click above the orange arrow below for additional versions of the image to pick the one that suits you best. Enjoy. Peace.
- JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

CLICK HERE for a really nice quality "zoomed in" version of the "Magical Star Talisman" shown below...


Japa koosooma sankarsham kashya-peeyam maha-jutim, tamorim sarva pahpagnam pranato smee deevahkaram. Fully Aligned Heart Centered Sexual Aliveness Fully Aligned Heart Centered Sexual Aliveness Fully Aligned Heart Centered Sexual Aliveness Deva-nancha rishee-nancha gurum-kanchana saneebam boodee bootam treelo-keysham tam na-mamee brihas-pateem. Heema-kunda mri-nala-bam deyt-yanam para-mam gurum sarva-shastra pravak-taram barga-vam prana-mam mya-ham. Fully Aligned Heart Centered Sexual Aliveness Fully Aligned Heart Centered Sexual Aliveness Blog Fully Aligned Heart Centered Sexual Aliveness Fully Aligned Heart Centered Sexual Aliveness Fully Aligned Heart Centered Sexual Aliveness Fully Aligned Heart Centered Sexual Aliveness magical mind power video playlist Destiny Cards - your fate, your fortune, your destiny Sex, Financial Matters, Love, and Magic Fully Aligned Heart Centered Sexual Aliveness Fully Aligned Heart Centered Sexual Aliveness Circulate Love the full system Mahamrityunjaya Mantra om mani padme hum Amethyst Star Talisman White Star Talisman planetary hours calculator Click here for the image to resize in your browser Elprehzleinn site map Kayavarohan The Practically Magical Use of Lists Ultra Money Manifesting

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•Please read our FULL DISCLAIMER before using our sites. Enjoy this audio below and how it shares in full detail how to use the imagery above to consciously create your own reality, or to do so with your lover or a friend.


There is a full course that is based on this the Elprehzleinn method for consciously creating reality.


The full course in a home study version that should work on all devices and computers is instantly available CLICK HERE or you can do it with JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn helping you in an unbelievable 2-3 month personal consulting program he offers that includes additional work with him which you can do from anywhere in the world or in person in some cases where we can arrange that.


NEW as of April 2015: Click Here for a new way of going through the "12 areas of life" using your magical mind power to consciously create your own reality. It's "Sri Yantra" empowered.

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CLICK HERE to listen to the audio teleseminar.


NOTE: In this audio teleseminar JoreJj mentions a web page to go to in order to have the imagery to do the Cleartalk. THIS is the actual page he is referring to, and THAT imagery is above on this page.

This audio above describes how to use the cleartalk magical star talisman (The Key) above which is the functional artwork/symbol you see below on this page, which is charged with and ultimately emanates from the Elprehzleinn brand of forever light and love that recognizes the full empowerment of all true spiritual being in this world with love itself. The symbol and this space are also charged with many great powers including aligned with the the true spirit of the final attainment of yoga and those who have achieved it and with the greatest true magician of them all: Hermes Trismegistus/Thoth/Metatron and his female counterpart Shekinah who helps all who use this. Simply downloading, viewing, or printing it and thus "owning it" is of great benevolence however there is a further way to use it. Get started by listening to the 21 minute audio above.


Please share this page and in so doing share the benevolence and real magic contained herein for the well-being of all concerned and global well-being. This page is charged to empower all who visit with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned in all areas of life including generating the experience of fully aligned heart centered sexual aliveness, TRUE LOVERS REUNION , increased creativity, love of life, a life full with love and glorious personal success choosing and manifesting your true heart and soul desire with your highest consciousness in fulfillment of your destiny and for global benevolence.


"Conscious sexual lovemaking heals everything and the bliss it generates heals the unconscious."@JoreJjZ


That statement reflects the true esoteric potential of this talisman and the process you can use to activate your conscious aliveness as a true being which is beneficial in every way. You can engage this process entitled, "Life Transformation System A-Z" with your lover, together with a friend or on your own. Working with your mind is the most powerful way to work with your body. Your mind is your most powerful sexual organ. Your mind, your brain, they physically run your body through chemical/hormonal control, you can do miracles BEING consciously involved in all that with love and true sexual awareness. We are here to support you in doing so with excellence, fun, ease and learning how to use this page fully is an important part of our system for excellence here.

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Did you know that in the image above there are planetary symbols for each day of the week representing the archangels that govern each day? They are arranged from Sunday to Saturday and when you click each one it leads to a "mantra" for that day.

We put this video here because we like to help you alleviate karma. Saturn is the Lord of Karma, and Lord Narasimha is the Lord of Saturn and this prayer is a story of a meeting between Saturn and Lord Narasimha. The prayer states that whomever listens to this prayer will not be troubled by Saturn at all and will have supreme protection and the fulfillment of all their heartfelt desires.
Sri Krishna told Dharmaraja,
“Whoever listens to or recites this conversation between Sanideva and Lord Narasimhadeva in the form of this prayer of devotion will definitely have all desires fulfilled and will always rejoice.” -dandavats.com